I haven’t picked up a camera in weeks. If you’ve noticed that my byline has disappeared from the paper, it’s because I had hip surgery earlier this summer and am just now returning to work. While I was out, I made pictures twice — both times following a trip (in a wheelchair) to the farmer’s market. Yesterday was my first day back, full-time, to the office. And although I can’t yet handle the rigors of a regular photo assignment, I did grab my camera on the way out the door to a picnic dinner at Tim’s Pond last night and rediscovered the delight of just snapping away and watching something new unfold in front of the lens. I won’t be running up and down the sidelines of a football field any time soon or even setting up lights for a portrait, but it’s nice to remember there are some things in reach, moments to be found when you’re moving slow and just making pictures for the joy of it.

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