Fresh – Rosemary shoot

The shoot for this month’s fresh column was simple and fun. I thought I wanted dappled sunlight, so I headed out to the back yard. After a few frames, I realized the light, rather than being interesting, was a bit distracting and set about trying to modify it. While not all of the shots made it into the column (which can only accommodate 2 at most) I thought I’d share a few of the frames and set-ups here.


The first was a shot for the lemonade portion of the column, in this case, the prep. I’ve realized I enjoy food photography that includes some of the mess of either making or consuming the food, that the “mess” adds interest and variety for the eye. I’ve also realized that it’s hard for me to create a messy photo! Here was my first attempt:

The shooting setup for this was simple, a board on the ground with the cutting board and lemons on top of it, shot leaning over and careful not to get my shadow in the frame.

I moved the cutting board around until the spots of light were positioned how I wanted and shot.


The second setup was also pretty simple. I wanted to shoot a detail shot of rosemary from my garden. The late afternoon light was great, but a little too harsh for the mood I wanted, so I set up a screen behind it that the sun could shine through, softening the light while still allowing it to be directional. Then I laid down and used the white of the screen as the background as well.

The last setup was of the rosemary vodka, which I tried a couple different things with. I played around a bit with this old crate. It seemed to fit the mason jar with canvas I’d used for the vodka.

Here was the first result of this setup:

Although I love all the textures working together, I didn’t think the rosemary popped enough from the brown of the box, so I ended up throwing the white linen over it to make the whole thing white.

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