The hunt continues…

A while back, I wrote about my search for the perfect camera strap.  That strap, one manufactured by Think Tank Photo, proved to be no better than the Domke photo strap I had used for years. That Think Tank strap was, basically, a rip-off of that Domke strap.

It appears someone at Think Tank has, well, been thinking about camera straps and they’ve come out with a new model of strap. They’ve dubbed this strap, appropriately enough, V2.0. And since I’m always on the lookout for the perfect strap, I had to try this one (after all, the newspaper paid for it).





The Think Tank Photo camera strap V2.0 has grippy rubber strips on both sides of the strap.


It’s still the same 1-inch width but this version has grippy strips on both sides of the strap.

So, no matter which side is down or which side is up you will have a grippy side against your shoulder or neck to prevent the camera from sliding off or around. That’s pretty smart thinking from Think Tank.

And, in this version, the grip strips are not woven into the strap fabric but are, instead, applied in wavy patterns to the fabric.

I’ve been using the straps for only a couple of weeks so I can’t yet vouch for the durability and longevity of the grip strips Those strips are always the first part of the strap to wear out, forcing strap replacement.

I’m not deliberately trying to pimp Think Tank products. It’s just that their products seem particularly well-suited to the needs of photojournalists. Three of the four photographers here use Think Tank camera bags and pouches.

–Gordon King

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